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Black Seeds Urban Farms is an all-inclusive, splendid garden that has a commitment to providing an enjoyable and therapeutic outdoor experience for all to enjoy. Our garden is a place where you can come to pick fresh harvest, read a book, use for event space, just to simply contemplate, or to delight in our picnic packages.

There are many services offered at Black Seeds Urban Farms but the private picnic packages are becoming a favorite for many. Use our garden as a space to All picnic packages are customized to your desire and comfortability. Each picnic package comes with Black Seeds' entire garden as a private environment to be used at the guest’s leisure. The idea of picnic's at Black Seeds was cultivated to provide a beautiful outdoor experience for all to enjoy. From casual lunches & barbecues with close friends and family to a long day out for a family reunion, picnics provide an easygoing environment to catch up & entertain all kinds of company.

Each picnic’s purpose is for guests to relax outdoors and enjoy a private space that has a commitment to open mindedness, healthy living, and good eating! Relax in an area of your choice in our garden while indulging in a loaded charcuterie board and light snacks. Choose from our Basic Luxe, Deluxe Luxe, or Themed Luxe picnic packages depending on the occasion.

Please check out the info below to learn more about our services and how to book an appointment!

Food Supply

> Fresh Produce Supply
> Yard to Garden Transfers

Event Space

Black Seeds Urban Farms can be used for:
Picnics , Birthday Events. Concerts
Weddings, Family Reunions, Private Events. Meetings & More....

Farm Consultation and Planning

> If you looking to plant a farm, we can guide you through the process. Contact us today to learn more about and farm consultation and planting services


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